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Sister Churches around Alaska and links to other resources you may find useful

Bible Baptist Church of Fairbanks Alaska
Resurrection Bay Baptist Church, Seward Alaska
Valley Baptist Tabernacle, Wasilla Alaska
Independent Baptist Church, Anchorage Alaska
Immanuel Baptist Church of Kenai Alaska
Lancaster Baptist Church
Landmark Baptist Church
Temple Baptist Church
Riverview Baptist Church Pasco Washington

Other Resources

Sites Providing News and Information from a Christian Perspective

World News
World News from a Christian Point of View
Wallbuilders Live
A daily podcast that applies America’s founding principles to issues of today.
A great source of Historical information – presenting America’s forgotten History
Capital Connection
Connecting the people of God with the people of government.
E-Sword Bible Software
Free Electronic Bible with a very large number of add-ons and embedded tools such as dictionaries, maps and much more. It can be downloaded from the following Site:
The Sword of the Lord
Christian Publishers
Brother Mershon’s website
great information from a Christian perspective: